Skype Logo History and Evolution Story of Skype

Skype Logo History

Skype is one of the companies that controlled to get to the top in a quite quick time frame. Its emblem has now not modified lots except for a slight alteration of the shade scheme.

Meaning Skype Logo

Skype become based in 2003 by two marketers Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis and used the software designed by way of 3 engineers from Estonia. The earliest version of the immediately messaging app become released in summer season the identical 12 months.

Symbol Skype

The earliest Skype brand appeared nearly the same as the modern one besides for the three-D effect implemented to the cloud form, on which the word “Skype” seems. In 2012, shortly after the purchase by Microsoft, the background the three-D impact disappeared, coloration scheme have become less difficult, it changed into reduced to white and one coloration of blue.

The “S” emblem Skype

further to the wordmark brand Skype has a easy logo that is used as its icon. In fact, the earliest Skype icon appeared very unique from what it’s far now. First, it was a small yellow “cloud” (2003), then a white rectangular inner a blue rectangular (2003), than a extra complex photo built out of several circles (2004). but, a lot of these logos did not final lengthy, and as soon past due 2004 the now-familiar “S” brand became delivered. It had nearly the equal form as the only used today, but proportions had been barely distinctive. additionally, the color scheme became altered and new visible results carried out. today, the icon comprises the white “S” individual in opposition to the light blue heritage with a 3-d effect.

Font of the Skype Logo

The Skype wordmark is based totally on the font Arial Rounded MT bold typeface. This font turned into designed by way of Robin Nicholas in 1993.

Color of the Skype Logo

The color palette includes white and a clean, light color of blue. There are viable variations:

the emblem’s call given in white is surrounded with the aid of a blue cloud
the inverted coloration scheme: the phrase “Skype” (blue) is given against a white cloud positioned into a square form (blue).

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