Slayer Logo History and Evolution Story of Slayer

Slayer Logo History

one of the pioneers in extreme metallic, Slayer has constantly opted for symbols related with sinister and even satanic subject matters.

Meaning of Slayer Logo

The band’s interest in dark, evil motives became obvious with the release of the debut album, “display No Mercy”, in 1983. The purple wordmark became set over an incomplete pentagram made from four swords. The 5th sword may be seen inside the hands of the goat-headed creature status next to the pentagram.

Symbol of Slayer Logo

the unfinished pentagram cause has been a exclusive characteristic of the Slayer album covers ever in view that, including the album “Repentless” released in 2015.

Emblem of Slayer Logo

The Slayer emblem depicting an eagle regarded with the release of the “Seasons inside the Abyss” album in 1990. because of the brand, the band needed to seem in courtroom. It grew to become out that the emblem resembled the Eagle atop swastika, so Slayer changed into accused of conserving Nazi sympathies. but, the band participants have denied any interest in Nazism pretty a few instances.

Slayer Logo’s Font

The wordmark made its debut on the cover of the “display No Mercy” album (1983). the pointy angles and unusual traces of the letters emphasize the emotional temperature of the tune.

Slayer Logo’s Color

In most cases, the wordmark is purple. different colors can be used, depending at the visible context surrounding the Slayer logo.

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