Slipknot Logo History and Evolution Story of Slipknot

Slipknot Logo History

The Slipknot logo is a 9-point star, also known as the Nonagram. The megastar was created by way of the band contributors from scratch, no different source however creativeness turned into used.


Meaning of Slipknot Logo

The Nonagram symbolizes the cohesion among the band’s members. The wide variety of factors equals the number of musicians. Slipknot explained that the nine-point star is in no manner a devil image, it’s far a symbol of the “struggle with the fake global”.
the first model of the Nonagram regarded around 1995, even as the second became brought in 2014.

Symbol of Slipknot Logo

On the cover of the pre-launch of the album 5. the grey bankruptcy, the nonagram appeared one-of-a-kind from the one featured at the previous covers. It become the first time when the brand new shade scheme along with black and pink become delivered. The normal cowl of the 2014 album changed into constructed round a depiction of a skeleton, with the name of the band in red above, while the name of the album became given in white and located underneath.

Slipknot Logo’s Font

The custom font designed for the Slipknot wordmark is noticeably original. It offers a hint approximately the type of song the band plays. The typeface might in shape as flawlessly for the name of a horror movie.

Slipknot Logo’s Color

pink, the colour of blood, and black create a darkish and sinister assessment.

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