Sonic Logo History and Evolution Story of Sonic

Sonic Logo History

even though the Sonic logo has passed through numerous amendments, it has preserved its ordinary shape. The circled “O”, for example, has been the distinctive characteristic of the wordmark ever because it changed into released in 1991.

Meaning of Sonic Logo

The earliest logotype featured the equal recognizable font this is used even within the modern model of the emblem. however, it turned into just a flat, 2d emblem in a minimalistic black-and-white coloration scheme.

Symbol of Sonic Logo

nearly immediately after the minimalistic first wordmark, two greater complex variations regarded. not like their predecessor, they have been 3-dimensional and featured a much less modest colour palette together with bright blue, pink, golden and dark blue, purple, and yellow respectively.

Emblem of Sonic Logo

The typeface used for the word “Sonic” underwent a diffused modification, because the result of which the letters have grown bolder, while the define has grown thinner. The palette has been reversed: now, the letters are yellow, while the outline is blue. The wordmark itself lost some of its volume, yet the three-D impact is still there.

The letters within the phrase “Hedgehog” now stand in a immediately line. they’ve grown smaller and bolder. the colors right here have been reversed, too: the text is white, at the same time as the historical past is crimson (and that is a exceptional color of purple than in the previous versions).

Sonic Logo’s Font

The phrase “Sonic” is given in a custom typeface primarily based on Syntax ultra Black. one of the one-of-a-kind functions of the script brand is the turned around letter “O”. The equal letter has also been used as the premise for the customized “C”. The phrase “Hedgehog” functions a very one-of-a-kind typeface searching relatively traditional. The font is a formidable sans serif one.

Sonic Logo’s Color

The 2006 model of the Sonic logo combines purple, dark blue, yellow, and white. There are several sunglasses of red and yellow, that’s vital for developing a 3D impact.

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