Squarespace Logo History and Evolution Story of Squarespace

Squarespace Logo History

The Squarespace brand has stayed almost the identical from the very first day of the agency history, besides for the font and the color scheme.

Meaning of Squarespace Logo

The earliest brand blended darkish and mild sunglasses of inexperienced with a black textual content and white history. one of the exceptional capabilities of the typeface became the unusual “Q”, wherein the “tail” become positioned no longer on the right aspect, but within the middle.

Symbol of Squarespace Logo

The core visual metaphor of the small and apparently simple Squarespace symbol is the chain hyperlinks, which is supposed to face for hyperlinks. This reminds of the organization’s specialization – website building and website hosting. It you’re taking a closer look, you will virtually be aware the double “S”, created by means of the negative space.

Emblem of Squarespace Logo

whilst in early 2014 Squarespace launched a carrier enabling absolutely everyone to create a simple brand on their personal, it confronted fierce criticism from expert designers, who claimed that the employer was intentionally undermining their industry.

Squarespace Logo’s Font

The sans serif uppercase typeface appears clear and minimalistic. it’s miles flawlessly legible.

Squarespace Logo’s Color

The present day colour scheme consists of handiest two hues, black and white. the colors can be reversed (the white logo and lettering on the black history), however no other colorations, besides the 2 noted above, can be used.

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