Super Bowl 50 Logo History and Evolution Story of Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 Logo History

in the beginning, the super Bowl championship used a unique brand every year until in 2011 it adopted a logotype that has stayed essentially the same ever considering the fact that.

Meaning of Super Bowl 50 Logo

In 1967-2011, the championship used a variety of logotypes various in fonts, symbols, visual results, and colorings. in lots of cases, the brand new trademarks were in one manner or some other connected with the area wherein the awesome Bowl become held.

Symbol of Super Bowl 50 Logo

In 2011, a new generation commenced for the amazing Bowl emblem. The national football League decided that the occasion ought to always have one and the same emblem. on account that then, the visible center has remained regular, although minor changes were brought in each of the consecutive trademarks, to reflect the converting serial quantity. The brand became created by using Landor, San Francisco-based totally emblem consulting company, which works globally and has places of work in 20 countries.

Emblem of Super Bowl 50 Logo

The great Bowl 50 logo has been the best of the extraordinary Bowl emblems providing now not Roman, but Arabic numerals. it’s also special in phrases of the coloration palette.

Super Bowl 50 Logo’s Font

The rounded corners of the letters cause them to fairly similar to the football depicted above.

Super Bowl 50 Logo’s Color

while the top notch Bowl logotypes in 2010-2014 had been grey, in 2015 golden was added to the palette, which seems perfectly herbal, contemplating the championship turned into held in California.

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