Swatch Logo History and Evolution Story of Swatch

Swatch Logo History

The word Swatch is a contraction of “2d Watch”. by means of deciding on this call, the Swiss watchmaker emphasised that its merchandise are unpretentious, now not highly-priced, and disposable.

Meaning of Swatch Logo

The logo incorporates two factors: the Swiss flag move and wordmark. The cross reminds that the goods come from Switzerland, likely the most respected usa within the global of watchmaking.

Swatch Logo’s Font

The custom designed typeface resembles the font known as “Swatch it”, created by Samuel Park.

Symbol of Swatch Logo

In reality, the Swatch symbol consists of the flag of Switzerland, that’s a white move on the red history. This emblem (or, to be precise, its inverted model) might be extra called the image of the purple go motion, which, in its turn, is primarily based on the flag of Switzerland.

Swatch Logo’s Color

in addition to the crimson and white colorations of the Swiss flag, the Swatch logo consists of black color for the wordmark. as a substitute, the name of the company may be given in white against the gray background.

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