TCU Logo History and Evolution Story of TCU

TCU Logo History

The TCU Horned Frogs have long past thru quite some emblems at some point of their records. nowadays, the soccer crew uses an arched wordmark and a horned frog emblem.

Meaning of TCU Logo

The group has used several comparatively brief-lived variations of the script brand until the “Flying TCU” brand, where the “T” become extending out over the “CU”, became brought in 1977. It become changed by way of the arched wordmark, which changed into counseled by means of the team’s head teach Pat Sullivan in 1992, throughout his first season on this function. interestingly enough, he invented the brand new emblem as a part of a larger plan to replace the expectation of losing, which was then inseparably linked with the TCU group.

Symbol of TCU Logo

The number one athletic TCU brand features a gray horned frog with a black outline. although the image is a long way from being realistic, it’s miles given in notable detail. The reptile’s mouth is half of open, as though to threat an invisible enemy. The frog appears beneath the arched lettering “TCU” on soccer helmets. however, in line with the authentic logo identity requirements of the university, that is the simplest case whilst the 2 can seem together.

Emblem of TCU Logo

On some occasions, the so-called college Frog is used rather than the Athletic Frog. The college emblem depicts a horned frog as visible from above.

also, the alternative emblems can also vary from the regular ones in phrases of the shade scheme. even as the colors themselves live the identical, they may be utilized in a exceptional manner (for example, the frog’s define can be not black, however crimson, or the letters can be not crimson, but white).

TCU Logo’s Font

The arched wordmark providing a custom all-cap sans serif typeface is probably the maximum recognizable of all of the Texas Christian college emblems.

TCU Logo’s Color

The most important coloration inside the TCU brand is the so-referred to as TCU purple, which has the wide variety 268 in the Pantone Matching system. inside the web Hex gadget, the color goes with the index #4d1979, even as its RGB values are seventy seven/25/121. the additional colorations encompass grey (429 C in the Pantone gadget), white, and black.

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