Texas Tech Logo History and Evolution Story of Texas Tech

Texas Tech Logo History

The Texas Tech emblem, that is called Double T, has been the faculty’s official logo for greater than half of a century.

Meaning of Texas Tech Logo

The Double T become followed because the college’s reputable emblem in 1963. but, the symbol itself had been first used a great deal earlier. It made its debut at the football gamers’ uniforms in 1926.

The very concept of the logo became partly borrowed from the block T of the Texas A&M university emblem. The motive behind this preference became flawlessly easy: the Texas Tech’s assistant educate, Grady Higginbotham, who developed the Double T together with the football instruct, E. Y. Freeland, changed into a Texas A&M college alumni.

Symbol of Texas Tech Logo

The Texas Tech red Raiders typically use the equal image as the college itself, yet at some points in addition they had opportunity logotypes depicting a horse rider in a cloak.

Emblem of Texas Tech Logo

given that 1960, the Double T was changed simplest once, in 2000. The image become made greater complicated and acquired a three-D impact.

Texas Tech Logo’s Font

although before everything look, the typeface featured on the Texas Tech wordmark may additionally seem traditional, it’s miles definitely particular because of the uncommon form of the serifs.

Texas Tech Logo’s Color

each the colours comprising the school’s professional palette – scarlet and black – can be seen on its emblem.

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