THX Logo History and Evolution Story of THX

THX Logo History

whilst the THX logo and, extra considerably, its trailer have passed through an innumerous quantity of differences, their typographic core remained the identical.

Meaning of THX Logo

The earliest model, launched in 1983, already has everything what makes this logotype recognizable. The horizontal bar at the letter “T” extends over the “H” and “X”, while below the wordmark, there’s every other horizontal bar. The emblem is fading in an out. The authentic trailer, nicknamed “Wings” (after the Oscar-winning film of the identical name), became being proven before the begin of a film in theatres.

Symbol of THX Logo

in view that then, the trailer has appeared on hundreds of thousands of THX-certified DVDs and VHS tapes. There have been over 20 variations varying by way of visual consequences, the color scheme, music, textual content and many others.

Emblem of THX Logo

The trailer is based on the so-referred to as Deep note, an audio trademark evolved by means of Dr. James A. Moorer. it is a synthesized (and alternatively ominous) crescendo shifting from a low rumble to a excessive pitch.

THX Logo’s Font

The logotype features a sans serif typeface created for the organisation from scratch.

THX Logo’s Color

within the trailers, the “THX” lettering has appeared in a selection of colors and sun shades. In most cases, shades of silver had been used to create a sparkly effect

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