Under Armour Logo History and Evolution Story of Under Armour

Under Armour Logo History

in the beginning look, the beneath Armour logo has always been what it is now – a crisscross formed via the letters “A” and “U”. however, the logotype has long past thru a pair amendments earlier than it acquired its modern-day appearance.

Meaning of Under Armour Logo

this is the type of logotype this is intently related to the call of the organisation, which, by way of the way, regarded because of a simple accident. as soon as, when Kevin Plank and his brother invoice had been speakme approximately the task, Kevin said that they may call it “body Armor”. His brother failed to listen his phrases effectively – he was sure he heard “below armor”. each the brothers were inspired through this name a lot they determined they do not want to go any further.
Under-Armour logo

Symbol of Under Armour Logo

the first version of the emblem become added in 1996, around the time that the business enterprise was created. The brand, which regarded on the first shirt, consisted of the letter “U” vertically overlapping the letter “A”. in this way, the company’s initials created a crisscross. The overlapping components of the letters have been given in white. The word “under” changed into written above the logo, even as the word “Armour” was located below.

Emblem of Under Armour Logo

in the course of time, the beneath Armour emblem was tweaked. within the present day model, the white spaces in the crisscross have come to be black. The ends of the crisscrossed letters acquired a greater state-of-the-art outline. also, the word “beneath” was moved beneath the brand, while the font of the wordmark has been replaced by using a greater precise one.

Under Armour Logo’s Font

The formidable sans-serif kind featured inside the underneath Armour logo is a custom one. it’s far pretty legible, but has a unique feature making it recognizable: it looks as although a small piece of the letters “D”, “E”, “A”, and “R” has been cut out in which lines be a part of.

Under Armour Logo’s Color

The conventional simplicity of the black-and-white shade scheme is exceptionally useful for the kind of logo the below Armour logo has. The assessment between black and white emphasizes the lines and the form of the brand.

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