Unilever Logo History and Evolution Story of Unilever

Unilever Logo History

The Unilever brand capabilities a big blue “U”, the enterprise’s preliminary. The letter incorporates numerous icons each having its unique connection with the commercial enterprise.
for instance, the lock of hair reminds of the truth that the brand manufactures shampoo; the ice cream symbolizes some of the emotional elements the agency desires to emphasize (treat, pleasure, and


amusement). The hand stands for sensitivity, care, and need, lips stand for verbal exchange and openness, even as the swirl symbolizes flavors and flavor. a number of the icons also used inside the Unilever emblem encompass fish (sea, nature’s sources) and garments (reminds that that the business enterprise manufactures detergent).

Symbol ofUnilever Logo

One extra Unilever image is a bee, which symbolizes innovative work, pollination, as well as environmental challenges. The double helix brand is used a genetic blueprint of existence, as well as the life’s smallest component and a symbol of health.

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