VanossGaming Logo History and Evolution Story of VanossGaming

VanossGaming Logo History

at the same time as the VanossGaming’s first actual brand changed into based on his initials, the second one version is a extra interesting emblem with a tale of its personal.

Meaning of VanossGaming Logo

VanossGaming is the online pseudonym of the Canadian online game commentator Evan Fong, who started his YouTube channel in 2011.

Symbol of VanossGaming Logo

In past due 2015 VanossGaming launched the restrained edition products presenting an entirely new logotype. in preference to the interlacing initials, there was a stylized depiction of an owl face against the black historical past. The owl’s beak and ears created a diagonal cut forming the letter “V”.

The photograph actually represented the masks on Fong’s individual version within the open international on-line multiplayer video game Grand robbery auto online, which had been created by the United Kingdom online game developer Rockstar North restrained.

Emblem of VanossGaming Logo

The earliest VanossGaming logo depicted the letters “V” and G” in white towards the black history. the two letters had been joined collectively to form a unmarried brand.

VanossGaming Logo’s Font

The VanossGaming emblem, in its contemporary form, does no longer consist of any text. The preceding version featured a custom sans serif typeface with clean geometric shapes.

VanossGaming Logo’s Color

The inverted colorings help to make the easy black-and-white scheme extra specific.

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