Verizon Logo History and Evolution Story of Verizon

Verizon Logo History

The Verizon brand regarded in 2000 when the corporation obtained its current name. The previous variations have been absolutely special and featured the antique name of the company.

Meaning of Verizon Logo

The earliest logotype reflected the unique name of the corporation, Bell Atlantic corporation, and became adopted across the time whilst the agency was created (1984). The emblem consisted of parts: a stylized depiction of a bell interior a circle form and a wordmark next to it.

The textual content could have looked quite simple if no longer for the particular letter “A”, which contained an uncommon element similar to an ocean wave. in this way, the writer of the logo delivered the “Atlantic” subject to the brand. The emblem may be given in black or blue towards the white heritage.

Emblem of Verizon Logo

the second one version positioned even extra emphasis at the marine theme. despite the fact that the stylized wave disappeared from the wordmark, a extra outstanding one appeared underneath it. similarly to this, the “Atlantic” concept become accentuated with the aid of the choice of colors: dark blue and aqua, with white letters and features, bringing to thoughts the ocean foam. in place of the formidable sans-serif font of the first logo, a easy serif one turned into used. The logotype itself received a rectangular form.

Symbol of Verizon Logo

In 2000, Bell Atlantic acquired the phone organization GTE and modified its name to Verizon Communications. With the new call, the want for a very new emblem have become obvious.
The San Francisco-based design agency Landor buddies advanced a wordmark which include the call of the corporation topped off with an outsized red checkmark with gradient. The italicized lowercased font featured a zooming “z” with gradient. The checkmark and the letter “z” had been crimson, whilst all of the other letters where black. The background become white.

additionally, other coloration combinations with two of those shades could be used (black and white, pink and white). The logo was criticized with the aid of many designers and even named most of the worst logotypes ever made.

Verizon Logo’s Font

even as the previous and the modern-day fonts may also look as an alternative similar, in truth they may be independent types. The old emblem featured a modified Helvetica Black kind, even as the call of the new typeface is Neue Haas Grotesk. In fact, it looks very close to Helvetica. The Neue Haas Grotesk typeface was created through Christian Schwartz from the ny and London-primarily based type foundry industrial kind. Schwartz is a companion in the business enterprise and heads its the big apple workplace. he is the author of pretty a few typefaces utilized by companies all around the world. Christian Schwartz additionally posted typefaces with such 9aaf3f374c58e8c9dcdd1ebf10256fa5 independent foundries as Font Bureau and house Industries.

Verizon Logo’s Color

considering 2000, the Verizon brand has featured the combination of the black wordmark with pink accents. within the current model, the pink is reduced to a unmarried checkmark, even as the previous logo used the coloration extra generously. In both instances, the heritage has been white.

previous to this, the palette protected the blue and aqua colorings each becoming the vintage name of the company (Bell Atlantic) and the marine logo perfectly.

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