Wendys Logo History and Evolution Story of Wendys

Wendys Logo History

starting from the very first model, the Wendys emblem has constantly featured the face of a crimson-hairedgirl, after whom the restaurant chain turned into named.

Meaning of Wendys Logo

The girl wearing two side braidsis Melinda-Lou Thomas, the daughter of Dave Thomas, the organisation’s founder. Melinda was frequently known as Wendyas, when a baby, she had problems pronouncing L’s and R’s and therefore even her personal call presented a problem to her.

Symbol of Wendys Logo

similarly to the woman’s face, the earliest Wendy’s logo (1969) featured the call of the employer in big red letters andthe slogan “old school Hamburgers”.

Emblem of Wendys Logo

because the result of the 2013 redecorate, the brand followed a friendlier, inviting appearance. The pinnacle of the woman’s head, in addition to her braids, are now peeking out of the circle, whilst her shoulders are no longer seen. due to these adjustments, extra emphasis is put on the face, and her smile seems extra eye catching. The retro frame around the emblem disappeared. The phrase “mother” may be observed on Wendy’s collar.

Wendys Logo’s Font

within the 2013 Wendys emblem, the old-fashioned serif typeface, which were used given that 1969,was replaced by way of a cutting-edge script resembling handwriting.

Wendys Logo’s Color

The aggregate of crimson, mild blue, and black with the white historical past creates a colourful, attractive contrast.

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