Youtube Logo History and Evolution Story of Youtube

Youtube Logo History

YouTube is the sector’s pinnacle video hosting carrier created by three former PayPal employees: Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. The service has been round because 2005.

Meaning YouTube logo

From the very starting, the YouTube team has stuck to a minimalist concept regarding the organisation’s identity. The YouTube emblem has now not modified lots over the service’s history. in large part, it’s far the minimalist approach that has helped YouTube to adapt so swiftly. In truth, the YouTube brand is just any other instance of how well simplicity works in selling tasks. even though the logo has been a great deal the equal in the course of its history, some minor changes did take vicinity.

Old YouTube logo

The earliest YouTube brand version (2005-2011) consisted of components; the “You” part written in black letters, and the “Tube” component placed interior what looks like the screen of a vintage fashion television, which has rounded corners. The “display” is vivid purple, and the “Tube” part is written in white letters. The top proper-hand nook became lighter. sometimes, slogan “Broadcast yourself” turned into added beneath. The 2011-2013 variety is just like the preceding one, although the rectangle was darker and more stable. The slogan went away across the middle of this model’s life. the following variety seemed in 2013, and it turned into in use till 2015. The rectangle grew to become a little lighter, and the “You” element changed into incredibly black. In each those variations, the television screen had shadings that made it appearance fairly curved.

New YouTube logo

The model introduced in 2015 continues to be in use. it’s miles very much like its predecessor, but the “tv screen” is lighter purple and solid.

Shape YouTube logo

just like all preceding variations, the modern one includes the black “You” and white “Tube” on the crimson “vintage television display screen”. The “curved” shadings had been eliminated, and now the display component looks absolutely flat.

The 2017 YouTube symbol

The most tremendous redecorate has taken region at the end of summer time 2017. For the first time, the crimson play button with the white triangle became included within the ordinary logotype. The button became coloured natural crimson (#FF0000). To the right, there was the phrase “YouTube” in a slightly modified typeface. in contrast to the preceding wordmark, this model comprised only black letters (#282828).

YouTube “icon” emblems

just like the everyday YouTube brand, the icon has undergone several modifications. whilst the earliest versions included the call of the undertaking given in traces, considering the fact that 2011 the icon has been proposing a play button. The proportions of the triangle and the rectangle have been altered in 2013, at the same time as the coloration of pink had modified several times until the button became coloured natural pink in 2017.

Color of the YouTube logo

The YouTube logo makes use of three hues: white, black and crimson – a combination, which creates an attractive mix. It emphasizes excellence, optimism, passion, purity, beauty, and perseverance. these are the features that have helped YouTube reach its contemporary height.

Font of the YouTube logo

The YouTube logo makes use of a one-of-a-kind and recognizable Hevletica font, which changed into widely utilized in television suggests within the 1950s.

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